How it works

Managers won’t have to worry about stressed employees or difficult conversations – OrbisCure takes care of it all.

Stress measurement

OrbisCure is an app-based solution that provides your employees with monthly stress measurements, on-demand psychology sessions, and tailored eLearning courses.

Measurements are carried out every 30 days making employees aware of their own level of stress and ensuring that help will be provided in time.

The measurement consists of 10 questions, and takes approx. 3-5 minutes to complete. The questions are based on the research-validated and thoroughly tested Perceived Stress Scale measurement.

At the same time your HR and managers will receive an overall anonymized report for the department's stress level every month.

Through OrbisCure’s app, OrbisLife, employees have unlimited access to dozens of self-care and self-development videoes and mindfulness exercises - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Harvard & Stanford endorsed learning method ensures that complex knowledge collected among +20 of leading Scandinavian psychologists and doctors is transformed into practical and applicable knowledge.

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On-demand psychologist sessions

If a stress measurement shows that an employee experiences high stress, the employee can schedule a conversational session with a psychologist from OrbisCure. It is a space where an employee may anonymously and directly talk with a qualified psychologist.

The conversations cover stress-related issues no matter if it is caused by problems at work or at home.

The process looks like the following:

1. Clarification

The purpose of the initial conversational session is to identify the cause of the employee's stress and to provide the right help immediately, so the stress is contained.

The session is booked directly via the OrbisLife app typically lasts 45 minutes.

2. Tailored help

Based on the employee's needs, a tailored 4-week eLearning course becomes available in the OrbisLife app.

OrbisCure ensure that your employees get the right help regardless of whether the stress is caused by factors from the workplace or from private life, for example a child with anxiety.

In particularly severe cases, clinical treatment is escalated, either via your organization’s Health Insurance or one of OrbisCure’s partners.

3. Follow-up

To ensure long lasting stress-free results from the eLearning course, your employee has a 45-minute follow-up session is with their appointed OrbisCure psychologist.

The follow-up session clarifies if the employee is out of risk of getting sick. An additional 4-week eLearning course may be created, and another follow-up session is scheduled.

Your data are always safe

We are particularly focused on the safety of our users: we take all necessary technical precautions that ensure maximum safety and protection, and follow all rules of data processing.

The route to a stress free workplace

Step 1

Fill in the contact form. We will contact you to talk about the needs of your company and present our offer.

Step 2

After the final decision and signing the contract, an OrbisCure representative will go over the milestones of the app implementation process and the launch date at your company with you.

You will receive an onboarding package tailored to your employees’ needs, so the implementation of OrbisCure goes smoothly and successfully.

Step 3

After a meeting with your HR department and your Working Environment Representatives, the employees will receive a welcoming email. After signing up to the app, they will receive a nonstop access to eLearning videos, podcasts and stress-measurements.

Step 4

The last step is a welcome session for all employees at your company. OrbisCure experts will have a presentation on self-development and mental well-being, as well as guide through the features of the OrbisLife app. Your OrbisCure guardian will stay in touch with you at all times.

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