Stress level insights & tools to take action now

Identify potential risks of stress - and prevent sick leave

Co founders of Swap Language

“Extremely valuable insights into our team’s stress level”

Nichlas Walsted, CEO at Swap Language

How it works

1. Web based measurement

Employees receive an email with a link to a survey that takes two minutes to complete

Woman using her phone
Example of stress measurement result graph

2. Individual insight

Each employee get to know their stress level and receive a video with practical advice

3. Tailored reporting

Employees are grouped to match your organizations needs

psychologist Samuel

Scientifically validated measurement

The measurement we use is called PSS10 (Perceived Stress Scale) and it is scientifically validated and used by the Danish Board of Health.

What you get


Insights into your organizations stress level

Stress Report Mockup
Manager and OrbisCure employee looking at papers

Manager walk-through

15min one-on-one sessions with an OrbisCure psychologist for each manager

Manager Workshop

2-hours with focus on practical tools and immediate action

Manager Workshop by OrbisCure

Price example

14.700DKK ex VAT for 50 employees and 5 leaders

Measure your team stress level today

and reduce risk of sick leave

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